4 Keys To Help Your Child Find Their Life Purpose

Parenting tips from Chris Hogan, Relationship Coach and Father of 11 Children | taught by Chris with Emily Hogan
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Chris with Emily Hogan
Chris with Emily Hogan
Practice Group Leader for Executive Coaching

About the Instructor

Chris Hogan is a Practice Group Leader for Executive Coaching at ROHEI. He develops training curriculums while providing training for our executive coaches. As an organizational development consultant, Chris has worked with government officials and business leaders from South America, Asia, Europe, and North America. The founder and President of Noble Call Institute, a Coaching organization, Chris is also the Catalyst leader for Transform World, an international movement comprised of leadership from 54 nations. Emily Hogan is Chris' eldest daughter.

As a parent, we all want our children to flourish in life - to find their identity and calling. With good intentions, we might not even be aware of our own blind spots, things that we are doing, with good motives, but could actually be deterimental to our children finding their niche in life. In this short online course, Relationship Coach and father to 11 beautiful children, Chris Hogan, shares on four keys for parents in helping your child find their niche and purpose in life. Chris' eldest child, Emily, also chimes in on what has helped her develop her confidence and uncover her passions. Quick but impactful learnings that would help you bring out the best in your children.

Course Contents

6 Videos
0.7 hrs

Course Curriculum

Introduction: Benefits
Key 1: The Right Environment
Key 2: Freedom and Strength
Key 3: People and Places
Key 4: Release
Key 5: Encouragement